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‘The Amazing Race 36’ episode 4 recap: Who was eliminated in ‘Those Who Wander Are Not Lost’? [LIVE BLOG]

Tonight on “The Amazing Race,” teams paraglide their way to the start of this leg in Medellín, Colombia where they must choose between detours “getting in sync” or “decoding a rebus puzzle,” on this episode titled “Those Who Wander Are Not Lost” airing Wednesday, April 3 (9:30-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. Phil Keoghan hosts.

Here are the teams still in contention: Amber & Vinny (dating), Angie & Danny (mother/son), Derek & Shelisa (married), Juan & Shane (best friends), Kishori & Karishma (cousins), Michelle & Sean (married), Ricky & Cesar (dating), Rod & Leticia (married), Sunny & Elizabeth (best friends) and Yvonne & Melissa (dating).

SEE ‘The Amazing Race’s’ Anthony and Bailey explain their multiple Detour switcheroos

Follow are full live blog recap below.

9:30 p.m. — Previously, on “The Amazing Race”! In the Episode 3, teams climbed the stairs to the top of El Peñon de Guatapé in Colombia to find their clue and began the third leg of the race. Datiny couple Ricky & Cesar took over first place when they reached Phil at the Pit Stop. Twin brothers Anthony & Bailey hit the pit stop last and became the third team eliminated from the race. Let’s continue the race!

9:40 p.m. — Teams begin this leg paragliding over Medellín, Colombia. When they land they’ll begin this leg of the race in three departure groups. The beauty of flight overtook Sean’s extreme fear of heights, making him emotional. Leticia looked the most fearful, closing her eyes through much of the adventure. Once they all landed the first departure group took off, which includes Ricky & Cesar and Amber & Vinny. The clues instructs them to find their next clue in the Comuna 13 en Reversadero #1. They’ll travel by foot to taxis and then be on their way. In Group 2 are Derek & Shelisa, Juan & Shane, Rod & Leticia and Yvonne & Melissa. The last to depart are Sunny & Elizabeth, Kishori & Karishma, Angie & Danny and Michelle & Sean.

9:50 p.m. — Ricky & Cesar reach the clue box first and it’s a Detour. In “Dance Vibe,” teams must get in sync with breakdancers for 30 seconds. In “Wall Scribe,” teams must find puzzle pieces along a wall of murals and then recite a phrase correctly to local artists. Ricky & Cesar and Amber & Vinny both choose Wall Scribe. Juan & Shane arrive third and are the first team to pick “Dance Vibe.” Yvonne & Melissa and Derek & Shelisa join them.

10:00 p.m. — Ricky & Cesar are much more skilled at decoding symbols than Amber & Vinny, that’s for sure. Still, they fail their first attempt at correctly guessing the magic phrase. For as easy as they made the task look, they couldn’t figure out that the last clue was simply “think” rather than some crazy phrase like “your evil thoughts.” Your evil thoughts? Come on, guys. They blow their lead and Amber & Vinny get it right first, taking over the lead. They will now travel to Plaza Botero to find their next clue. After a few more attempts, Ricky & Cesar finally figure it out and race off in second place.

10:10 p.m. — As a foot race to the next clue box continues, Amber threatens to quit if Vinny doesn’t slow down, stating, “You’re about to make me cry.” He’s not sympathetic and is frustrated that Ricky & Cesar are quickly gaining ground on them. Once they reach the taxi Amber breaks down crying and the driver looks super uncomfortable watching whatever is transpiring in his backseat. Vinny tells her to “take some time” and Amber responds, “I’d rather be last…just leave me alone.” Yikes! They eventually talk it out and come to the conclusion that the pressure of being in first place has gotten the best of them. They’re gonna tone it down. Next, in a major turn of events, Angie & Danny utilize their brains while the other teams are learning complex dance moves. After making quick work of the puzzle they launch themselves from ninth to third place!

10:15 p.m. — At this point it’s clear the puzzle is the easier Detour, but for Sunny & Elizabeth that just isn’t the case. They are SO off base. The phrase they are looking for is “The world is smaller than you think.” Other teams figured this out relatively quickly. Somehow they read these clues as, “A rat went skiing around the world and that was a positive experience.” Yowza! Meanwhile, Juan & Shane are the first team to prove they have skills on the dance floor and finish the other Detour, putting them in fourth place. Later, Sunny & Elizabeth have a light bulb moment. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be further from the right answer when they guess the secret phrase is the title of tonight’s episode, “Those Who Wander Are Not Lost.” This is hilarious. Over at the dance Detour, Derek & Shelisa become the next team to finish and race off in fifth place.

10:30 p.m. — Rod & Leticia finally complete their dance sequence and race to the next clue in sixth place. Michelle & Sean finish next, taking them from last place to seventh. Meanwhile, Sunny & Elizabeth are still struggling with their phrase puzzle, now guessing, “Through travel I find myself wandering.” What are they thinking? Up at the front of the pack, Amber & Vinny reach the Road Block first. In “Who’s Feeling Artsy?” one team member must locate 12 bronze sculptures and then place their names in the correct spot on a map. Amber chooses to take this Road Block, hoping a solo performance will allow her to relax without Vinny. Back at the dance Detour Kishori & Karishma complete the routine in eighth place. Yvonne & Melissa are next to nail their dance moves leaving Sunny & Elizabeth in last place at the other Detour.

10:45 p.m. — While Amber continues to work on the Roadblock Ricky & Cesar arrive in second place. Then, in a soul-crushing decision, Sunny & Elizabeth switch to the dance Detour well after everyone else has left. Their inability to decode that puzzle was so frustrating to watch. Up in front, Amber is thrilled when she has her map checked and it’s approved. She and Vinny race on foot to the Pit Stop at Parques del Rio Medellin. Ricky & Cesar finish soon after so it’s a foot race to find Phil. After failing to find directions and seeing Ricky & Cesar take off, Amber decides to let the guys take off and stays back to help Danny & Angie complete their Roadblock. After giving the mother/son duo some advice and solidifying an alliance, Vinny & Amber race to the Pit Stop feeling good about their decision. Another alliance is formed between Rod & Leticia and Juan & Shane. They agree to each find six statues of the 12 and complete this Roadblock together. Up in front, Ricky & Cesar finish in first place for the second week in a row. They have won $2,500 each. See the complete results of Leg 4 below.

11:00 p.m. — Way in the back Sunny & Elizabeth prove their dancing is better than their puzzle skills when they nail that Detour in one attempt. Now they’ll race off to the Roadblock and hope to avoid elimination. Thankfully, almost all the teams are still there. Depending on how bad traffic is, these two firefighters may have a chance to survive. When they arrive at the Roadblock they find Kishori & Karishma and Michelle & Sean still there. It’s now a three-way race for survival. Sure enough, Sunny & Elizabeth finish the task quickly, leaving the cousins and married couple in the dust. Eventually Kishori & Karishma get the clue to the Pit Stop and it’s Michelle & Sean who find themselves at the back of the pack once again, this time being eliminated from the race.

Leg 4 results:

1. Ricky & Cesar
2. Amber & Vinny
3. Angie & Danny
4. Rod & Leticia
5. Juan & Shane
6. Derek & Shelisa
7. Yvonne & Melissa
8. Sunny & Elizabeth
9. Kishsori & Karishma
10. Michelle & Sean (eliminated)

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